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"I wrote Falling Together because many of my patients would ask similar questions about the emotional and spiritual elements of the treatments they were undergoing.  As the explanations seemed to be generally useful, I collected some of my ideas and exercises into a short book. 


The function of the book is to help people be aware of the internal relationship with their bodies, and why it’s so hard to identify at times.  In order to learn to listen to the body’s language, we have to first learn why we block the intuitive knowledge, and we have to learn to move our energies. 


This book goes step-by-step to show the mind’s (and often a symptom’s) present position and how and why it stays there.  Then the book goes on to explain how we can learn to move our energy into a different configuration.  Through explanation, exercises and logic, Falling Together will aid you in knowing yourself better, and being aware of how many choices internally we actually have.  Those choices translate into external flexibility in our physical, emotional and spiritual responses to anything in life.  To be flexible in this sense means that we need not go into survival or trigger an adrenal response at things undeserving.  It means we can discover our true, always faithful and loyal ally. 


Our body is where our Source resides, and within the Source is peace and health."

           -Imetai M. M. Henderson, L.Ac.  

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